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Understanding Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences

Brian Kleiner, Isabelle Renschler, Boris Wernli, Peter Farago, Dominique Joye (Hrsg.)

This volume brings social science research infrastructures to the foreground and provides a conceptual framework for understanding them. Key common denominators are that they provide public good resources for research, and that they are established to support research for the long-term. Research infrastructures are embedded in research practices and communities, at national and international levels. They enhance the efficiency of the research process as well as fundamental aspects of the scientific method, for example, comparability, replication, and diffusion of knowledge and information. The contributions within this book demonstrate that research infrastructures are triggering a major paradigm shift in the social sciences, with profound effects on the nature of knowledge production within and across disciplines. Indeed, they are in large part responsible for an invisible revolution that is affecting research and researchers in fundamental ways. The focus of this book is on charting and clarifying their functions and their impact with the goal of improving our understanding of their underlying mechanisms, their challenges, and their immense potential for advancing science.


Brian Kleiner, head of data and research information services at the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences FORS. Isabelle Renschler, senior researcher and head of institutional networking and publications at the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences FORS. Boris Wernli, head of surveys at the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences FORS. Peter Farago, Director of the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences FORS, and Professor at the University of Lausanne. Dominique Joye, Professor at the University of Lausanne and senior advisor to FORS.

Mit Beiträgen von Max Kaase, Hans Jørgen Marker, Roxane Silberman, Louise Corti, Dean Lillard, Janet Gornick, Berglind Hólm Ragnarsdóttir, Sarah Kostecki, Rory Fitzgerald, Eric Harrison, Lorna Ryan, Paul de Graaf, Loek Halman, Axel Börsch-Supan, Willem E. Saris, Ineke A.L. Stoop, Achim Koch, Joachim Wackerow, Silke Schneider, Alexia Katsanidou, Laurence Horton, Christof Wolf, Angela Dale, Markus Zürcher.


«Understanding Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences introduces us to major quantitative data infrastructures developed in the social sciences (large-scale surveys, monitoring of cohorts, big international databases, data access and exchange platforms) and their activities (documentation, data harmonisation and dissemination, quality management, methodological innovations, training and maintenance).»

Review by Dominique Vinck, Science & Technology Studies Journal