René Levy

René Levy (1944) is professor emeritus of sociology. He studied sociology, psycholo-gy and political economy in Zurich. From 1980 he taught at the University of Lau-sanne and created the Institut d’étude interdisciplinaire des trajectoires biogra-phiques in 2003 which generated the NCCR LIVES (2011). Research interests: social stratification, gender relationships, life-course analysis. Engagements: Vicepresident and president of the Swiss Society for Sociology (1988-94), committee of the SAHS (1991-94), « Club SoWi » (1993-2000), National Research Council Div. IV (2000-08), steering committee NRP 60 « Equality of men and women » (2009-14), Kontrapunkt (2004-).