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Elite Quality Report 2023

Country Scores and Global Rankings

Tomas Casas i Klett, Guido Cozzi (ed.)

The Elite Quality Index (EQx) aims to produce innovative and evidence-based insights on sustainable value creation and national elite quality around the world. Through research projects and the EQx partner network, we seek to identify the causes of economic growth and human development, as well as the factors behind the rise and fall of nations and organizations. At a time of global disruption, the original ideas and frameworks included in this report provide an alternative understanding of public and policy debates about the future direction of the political economy. The ultimate aim is to identify and initiate ways to transform business models from Value Extraction to Value Creation. To this end, we wish to encourage international dialogue across generations, social groups, elites and non-elites.

We produce novel tools for knowledge dissemination in a variety of educational formats, and offer value-oriented, inclusive narratives for societies.


Tomas Casas i Klett is Assistant Professor at the University of St. Gallen, specializing in International Business, China and Eurasia, as well as in high-performance teams.

Guido Cozzi is Full Professor of Macroeconomics at School of Economics and Political Science at University of St. Gallen since 2012.

With contributions by Óscar Afonso, Jan Ketil Arnulf, Michael Asiedu, Raouf Boucekkine, Felix Nicholas Bukachi, Monika Bütler, Tomas Casas i Klett, Beka Chedia, José Antonio Clemente Almendros, Guido Cozzi, Alessandro Cupolo, Dag Morten Dalen, James W. Davis, Céline Diebold, Johnson Hung Zhen Feng, Theresa Goop, Michael Hilb, Lise Hunter, Alwyn Lim, Sergio Martinez-Cotto, Martin Nerlinger, Christian Pfeiffer, Abul Khayar Mohammod Fazlur Rahman, Janicke Rasmussen, Cláudia Ribeiro, Felix Rüdiger, Gudrun Sander, Etsuro Shioji, Mike Szymanski, Emiliano Heresi Toni, Alexander Tonn, Weijie Xu, Jun Zhang, Weihua Zhou.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
    1.1 Measuring Sustainable Value Creation to gain insights into the future
      1.3 EQx2023 Power and Value Sub-Indices at a glance
        1.4 Building and shaping the EQx community
          2.1 Conceptual framework and definitions
            2.2 EQx architecture
              2.3 EQx Pillars
                2.4 EQx methodology
                  3. EQX2023 RESULTS
                  3.1 Elite Quality country scores and global rankings
                    3.2 State of elites framework: Country mapping
                      3.3 Value configuration framework: Value Creation and Extraction and shares of overall economic activity
                        3.4 Pillar results
                          3.5 Outstanding country performances by Pillar
                            4. EQX2023 ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION
                            4.1 Country Scorecards: Deep-dive analyses
                            4.2 Indicator Scorecards
                            5. INDICATORS
                            5.1 Indicator weighting table overview
                              5.2 Indicator Table: Definitions and rationale
                                6. COUNTRY SCORECARDS
                                  7. REFERENCES
                                  7.1 Bibliography
                                    7.2 Data sources and indicator references
                                      7.3 Contributor citations and recognition
                                        7.4 Artistic acknowledgments