ISBN 978-3-03777-273-7
254 pages
format 15.5 x 22.5 cm

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Relations with Parents: Questions and Results

Ronny König, Bettina Isengard, Klaus Haberkern, Christoph Zangger, Tamara Bosshardt, Marc Szydlik

This book offers essential information on relations between adults and their parents. How well do the generations get along with one another? What kinds of support do adults provide to their parents, and how much do parents give to their adult children? How often does tension or conflict arise? What impact do education, finances, age, gender, migration and region have on intergenerational relationships? The study examines both current relationships with living parents and past ties to mothers and fathers who have passed away.
The empirical basis is SwissGen, a representative survey of intergenerational relations in Switzerland. This book forms a tandem with the analysis volume, which examines central generational issues in depth (“Generationen zwischen Konflikt und Zusammenhalt” / “Generations between Conflict and Cohesion”). The analysis volume offers key findings, whereas the volume at hand documents all questions and answers of the survey. This includes the numbers on which the figures in the analysis volume are based. Moreover, the data volume is a general reference book for all SwissGen results and provides basic information on the research project.


The study was conducted under the direction of Marc Szydlik at the Department of Sociology at the University of Zurich. The core research team consists of Ronny König, Bettina Isengard, Klaus Haberkern, Christoph Zangger, Tamara Bosshardt and Marc Szydlik.