ISBN 978-3-03777-289-8
316 pages
format 15.5 x 22.5 cm

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Revisioning Democracy and Women’s Suffrage: Critical Feminist Interventions

Katrin Meyer, Stephanie Pfenninger Tuchschmid, Yunna Skliarova (ed.)

This anthology addresses the current understanding of democracy from a feminist, intersectional and transnational perspective with a particular focus on the relevance of women’s suffrage in Switzerland since 1971, and analyses challenges for women’s political participation worldwide. It points to the significance of memory politics, political struggles and discourses on citizenship and human rights that shape democracies today. Furthermore, it examines how digitalization affects women's democratic participation, exploring both the opportunities it opens up and the barriers it may create, while also expanding the concept of democracy beyond traditional state institutions.


Katrin Meyer is titular professor of Philosophy at the University of Basel and senior lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Zurich. She works on theories of radical democracy and republicanism from a feminist perspective as well as on critical theories of power, intersectionality, and security.

Stephanie Pfenninger Tuchschmid holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Science from the University of Zurich. She is currently studying Gender Studies at Master’s level with a minor in Law at the University of Zurich.

Yunna Skliarova holds an MA degree in Gender and English Studies from the University of Zurich. She is currently working in the field of integration and teaching with young people in Bern. Her research interests are theories of militarized masculinities and their representation in popular culture.

With contributions by Gabriela Paula Silva Alves, Anna Antonakis, Ana Beatriz Aquino, Hoda Elsadda, Zoé Kergomard, Güneş Koç, Lea Küng, Andrea Maihofer, Katrin Meyer, Pauline Milani, Nanjala Nyabola, Beat Ospelt, Stephanie Pfenninger Tuchschmid, Patricia Purtschert, Yunna Skliarova, Carolina Gabas Stuchi, Laura Cazarini Trotta, Clara Araújo Vinholi.